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Age 55 or over?

If you have a personal pension you could take as much as 25% as a tax free lump sum.

We shop the open market to obtain the best rates.

Frequently the best rates are provided by companies who only deal with intermediaries. We access this market on your behalf

Shopping Around

As is normal for most things that you buy it is worth shopping around. When buying annuities, you are entitled to shop the “open market” yet only around 44% of people actually do so.
There can be a substantial difference between the pension income you receive from the various pension providers, which is not always made obvious to you. We shop the open market on your behalf and we have the knowledge and experience to obtain the best annuity rates available.

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Buying a Pension Annuity

When you’re buying an annuity please remember that:

• Normally annuity quotes are valid for a short and specific period of time. This is recorded on your quote. Should your funds not have been received in time the quote will expire.

• Annuity rates fluctuate frequently and of course the rates can go up or down. The quote you receive is only fixed until the expiry date. Your annuity rate could therefore change from the time you accept the quote to the time you complete unless your funds are received within the time frames on the quote.

• Most pension funds are invested in asset classes that can go up or down. These are often linked to stock markets and the pension fund value transferred to your new pension provider could be less or more than the original valuation. Any differences in fund value are likely to affect your final pension annuity provided.

home-header-06• When your annuity is completed your annuity rate is fixed. Any future changes in annuity rates will not affect your pension annuity.

• When you have made the decision that you would like to take a pension annuity any delay could lose you money in lost earnings.

What we do for you.

You can sit back and relax whilst we set up your pension for you.

We will ask all the relevant questions and explain the different types of annuities available.

We check your pension for you to identify if there are any Guarantees, Market Value Reductions or the possible loss of Final Bonuses.
This will make sure that you are not disadvantaged.

We source the best rates available for the type of annuity you have requested and we present this quote to you.

We track the progress of your application and keep you informed of the progress.
We inform you once the money has been paid into your accounts and the policy is set up and live.

We check all the final documentation and provide you with a letter confirming how you have set up your pension.

Throughout the whole process we are available to answer questions and queries.

Health Insurance

If you are 55 or older

and you have a personal pension, you could take up to 25% as a tax free lump sum.

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We will endeavour to obtain the best rate for you from the market and will go “the extra mile” to achieve this.

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