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50+ Funeral Plans

 With a 50+ Funeral Plan you will benefit from:

  • Protection against rising funeral costs.
  • No more to pay for your funeral directors services (included within the plan-guaranteed).
  • Complete flexibility to choose the funeral you want.
  • Guaranteed acceptance.
  • A local funeral director, often family run, who take pride in offering you the best service.
  • Simple Will included in your plan.

Funerals costs have risen significantly in recent years.

Back in 2004, an average funeral cost around £1,920. However most recent research * shows that in 2014 the average cost was £3,609. That’s an increase of 88% in just 10 years, which is well above inflation.

Had you put the £1,920 into a building society** you would have on average seen it grow to only £2,169 over the 10 year period.

home-primaryContent-sixth-backgroundThe numbers speak for themselves, by pre-buying your funeral you are likely to save your family a significant amount of money.


*Mintel 2014
**Building Societies Association average savings rates Jan 2004-Aug 2015, past performance is not necessarily a guide to the future performance.

Financially it makes sense and just as importantly it removes a lot of pressure from your family when they need it.

There is a choice of three different plans:

  • 50+ Standard Plan
  • 50+ Select Plan
  • 50+ Premier Plan

We can help you understand the differences. Contact Pension Options Direct to discuss your needs and we will give you a no obligation quote.

You can pay for your plans outright or spread the cost.

One of the most thoughtful decisions you could make


These are the only plans recommended by the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF)

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More than 1 million people in Great Britain have taken out a funeral plan of which 420,000 have taken them with our provider.

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